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MAXXStak 1.5" Front Leveling Kit

Fits 2005-2018 Ford F-250/350/450 4x4 All NEW bolts direct to axle

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MAXXStak 1.0" Front Leveling Kit

Fits 2005-2018 Ford F-250/350/450 4x4 All NEW bolts direct to axle

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MAXXStak 1.75" Front Leveling Kit

4x4 and 2wd '02-'09 Chevrolet Trailblazer/'02-'09 GMC Envoy/'04-'07 Buick Ranier/'04-'09 Isuzu Asender/'04 Olds Bravada

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MAXXStak 1.5" Front Leveling Kit Magnetic Ride

Fits 2015-2018 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 & 2007 - 2019 GM ½ ton SUV's Equipped with Auto Ride/ Magnetic Ride Control RPO Z95(Auto Ride) RPO Z55 Compatible with Forged & Stamped steel Upper Control Arms!

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MAXXStak 1" Front Leveling Kit Magnetic Ride

Fits 2015-2018 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 & 2007 - 2019 GM ½ ton SUV's Equipped with Auto Ride/ Magnetic Ride Control RPO Z95 (Auto Ride) RPO Z55 Compatible with Forged & Stamped steel Upper Control Arms!

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MAXXStak 1.5" Front Leveling Kit Standard Suspension

Fits 2007-2019 GM ½ ton trucks & SUV's

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MAXXStak 1" Front Leveling Kit Standard Suspension

Fits 2007-2019 GM ½ ton trucks & SUV's

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SuspensionMaxx Leveling Kits Designed Specifically For Your Truck


SuspensionMAXX Leveling Kits are the perfect choice for lifting, leveling or dropping the front suspension on torsion bar equipped trucks and SUV’s. Our leveling kits increases vehicle function while providing your truck with a more aggressive look. Patented hex calibrated fixed forged torsion bar keys feature an internal gear adjustment mechanism that provides up to 7 incremental height adjustments. Our leveling kits can be calibrated to any amount of corrected height and degree torsion bars require with controlled preload and no degradation in handling or ride quality.

MAXXCam does not require longer shocks, so OE shocks and the comfortable factory ride can be retained. MAXXCam kits include all the hardware needed to complete the installation. Including differential relocation spacers, shock extensions, and upper control arm rebound stops. MAXXCam is a lower cost option to high-priced full lift kits.

MAXXCam installs quickly when using the SuspensionMAXX torsion bar unloader tool, requires no extensive modifications to the vehicle, and is completely reversible. Made in the USA and offered for all Dodge, Ford and GM torsion bar equipped trucks and SUV’s. There is no other product like it.

To increase suspension lift for bigger tires, more ground clearance, or to accommodate heavy front mounted accessories like snowplows, you’ll find MAXXCam Adjustable Torsion Key Leveling Kits are the best solution.  MAXX Cam torsion bar keys are investment cast to exacting standards using 4140 heat-treated alloy steel for durability that exceeds that of even the toughest one-piece OEM torsion bar lever.  Industrial strength powder coating is applied for added protection from the elements.

MAXXCam Adjustable Torsion Bar Leveling Kits are engineered to smoothly integrate with the stock suspension. There is no torsion bar preload and the original equipment shocks are kept in place. This not only helps to maintain the stock ride and handling characteristics of your truck or SUV, but reduces cost as well. MAXXCam is installed in approximately 1-2 hours and is and is supported by the unsurpassed SuspensionMAXX Techical Support Program. Completely covered by the MAXX Structural Lifetime Warranty.


Leveling Kits FAQ

When GM designs your truck they pick a wheel that works well and keeps the vehicle load centered underneath the brakes, wheel bearings, and ball joints, making for the best combination of tire clearance and proper handling characteristics. A perfect aftermarket wheel for a leveled Chevy 2500HD will keep the majority of the tire underneath the centerline of the wheel, which would be a positive offset wheel.  Factory wheels are usually higher positive offsets, for example, an 8” wheel with a +44 offset.  Most aftermarket wheels will start at 9” in width. So you already 1” wider wheel than stock not to mention the change in offset.  Now let’s discuss wheel offset.  Offset is another term for wheel backspacing.  Backspacing is measured in inches from the hub flange on the wheel to the bead, or lip of the wheel.  Offset is a metric measurement in Millimeters from the centerline of the wheel.  Using an offset chart, you can compare backspacing to offset and quickly see the difference from stock to aftermarket wheels.    On the backspacing chart, you match up the stock wheel width of 8” and the offset of +44 a backspacing of 6.25”.  The new wheel that you have fallen in love with is offered in both 9” and 10” widths and several offsets.  Which should you choose?

Using an extremely wide wheel with a negative offset can change the handling and driving characteristics of your truck. Moreover, using a wheel with a Negative offset adds more stress to the wheel bearings, ball joints, and outer tie rods, all due to the vehicle weight being moved out from underneath the suspension.  We always suggest a 9” wheel for best fitment. If you are in favor of having the tire outside the fender, a Zero offset 9” wheel is the right choice. For a flush look, the tire is even with the fender a +19 offset and 9” wheel is needed.  10” wide wheels can be used but will require smaller tires than the max tire size. Most times, using a 10” or 12” wheel may require trimming and modifications to operate with no rubbing.

Stock 8” wheel

9” wheel

9” wheel

10” wheel


+44 offset

+19 offset

+0 offset

-18 offset

-44 offset

6.25” backspacing

5.75” backspacing


4.75” backspacing

4.75” backspacing

1.75” past hub flange

3.25” past hub flange

3.75” past hub flange

5.25” past hub flange

7.25” past hub flange


The best way to know which size leveling kit you need is to measure the ride height. Measure the ground to the fender opening on both front and rear fender wells. Subtract the difference, and that is the amount of lift needed to level your truck. This difference between the front and rear ride height is also known as the rake.

Yes, a wheel alignment is required anytime you service or modify your suspension.  A proper wheel alignment will bring your vehicle back to factory specifications.  If you do not perform a wheel alignment, expect uneven tire wear to occur.

We work very hard to provide the highest quality leveling kits available, and we include all the necessary hardware to level your truck or SUV properly. Our kits can consist of shock extensions, bump stops, magnetic ride sensor brackets, differential lowering spacers, and even upper control arms.  We routinely install our kits at our Head Quarters and provide full-color instructions to help you install the same way we do. With that being said, we do our homework, so your truck will ride, drive, and handle like the factory intended it.

SuspensionMAXX stands behind its Leveling kits with a limited structural warranty, covering defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or any other loss, liability or damage resulting from improper installation, disassembly handling or use of the product. Manufacturer shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential, or other damages resulting from the disassembly, installation, or use this product. The loss of use of the product, loss of time, inconvenience, and consequential damages are not covered. The consumer is responsible for all labor charges, removal, and reinstallation of the product.

Torsion bar suspension systems have a factory adjustment bolt that is designed to level any variations in ride height from left to right. It is not intended to give inches of lift by cranking up your torsion bars. The torsion bar adjustment bolt is designed to take up any sag or differences in ride height. Let’s say for instance you decide to crank your bars to level your truck and clear larger tires. Your tires may clear at first, but after your truck is driven for a short time, your tires then begin to rub. However, your bolts are turned up all the way, with no more adjustment left.  Using a SuspensionMAXX leveling kit is the right way to level your truck and still allow for continued torsion bar adjustment in the future. Not to mention the MAXX cam system is adjustable and is designed to work on 100% of trucks on the road. With the patented Maxx cam leveling kit system you can put the precise amount of adjustment on your torsion bars.

Torsion bars are manufactured and heat treated to handle the weight of your truck.  However, many times, one torsion bar may have a higher load than the other. This is common, and there is no need to worry.  Some customers have insisted on replacing their original torsion bars for factory new replacements. Even if your torsion bars have become sagged to an extreme amount, we have had great success using our MAXX Cam leveling kit to re-adjust your front ride height to your desired stance.  I commonly compare this to adjusting your garage door. After years of use, your garage door spring may settle and need an additional adjustment to make opening the door easier. The Maxx Cam system functions much in the same way, bringing back the lost suspension ride height.