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MAXXimum steering upgrade combo

MAXXimum upgrade for your GM HD truck with Cognito PISK brace and Steering Stabilizer Combo For 2016-2024 GM HD trucks

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Steering Stabilizer Kit

Patented Steering Stabilizer kit for 2016- 2024 GM 2500HD/3500HD trucks.

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Cognito PISK Steering Stabilizer Bracket

Patented Steering Stabilizer bracket for 2016-2024 GM 2500HD/3500HD trucks equipped with Cognito Pitman Arm Idler Arm Support Kit

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Steering Stabilizer Bracket

Patented Steering Stabilizer bracket for 2016-2024 GM 2500HD/3500HD trucks.

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Rancho Steering Stabilizer

Rancho Steering Stabilizer for 2011-2024 GM 2500HD / 3500HD

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SuspensionMaxx Steering Stabilizers Are Designed Specifically For Your Truck


SuspensionMAXX Leveling Kits are the perfect choice for lifting, leveling or dropping the front suspension on torsion bar equipped trucks and SUV’s. Our leveling kits increases vehicle function while providing your truck with a more aggressive look. Patented hex calibrated fixed forged torsion bar keys feature an internal gear adjustment mechanism that provides up to 7 incremental height adjustments. Our leveling kits can be calibrated to any amount of corrected height and degree torsion bars require with controlled preload and no degradation in handling or ride quality.

MAXXCam does not require longer shocks, so OE shocks and the comfortable factory ride can be retained. MAXXCam kits include all the hardware needed to complete the installation. Including differential relocation spacers, shock extensions, and upper control arm rebound stops. MAXXCam is a lower cost option to high-priced full lift kits.

MAXXCam installs quickly when using the SuspensionMAXX torsion bar unloader tool, requires no extensive modifications to the vehicle, and is completely reversible. Made in the USA and offered for all Dodge, Ford and GM torsion bar equipped trucks and SUV’s. There is no other product like it.

To increase suspension lift for bigger tires, more ground clearance, or to accommodate heavy front mounted accessories like snowplows, you’ll find MAXXCam Adjustable Torsion Key Leveling Kits are the best solution.  MAXX Cam torsion bar keys are investment cast to exacting standards using 4140 heat-treated alloy steel for durability that exceeds that of even the toughest one-piece OEM torsion bar lever.  Industrial strength powder coating is applied for added protection from the elements.

MAXXCam Adjustable Torsion Bar Leveling Kits are engineered to smoothly integrate with the stock suspension. There is no torsion bar preload and the original equipment shocks are kept in place. This not only helps to maintain the stock ride and handling characteristics of your truck or SUV, but reduces cost as well. MAXXCam is installed in approximately 1-2 hours and is and is supported by the unsurpassed SuspensionMAXX Techical Support Program. Completely covered by the MAXX Structural Lifetime Warranty.


Steering Stabilizers FAQ

We have tested the Bilstein 5100 steering dampener on our 2016 Chevy 2500HD.  After testing, we discovered that using a single steering stabilizer with a nitrogen gas charge will create a condition where the vehicle will continually pull to the right side.  Using a nitrogen charged stabilizer will require a minimum of 2 units to resist the gas charge of the other equally.  That is why we only currently offer the Rancho non-gas charged steering stabilizer. The 5100 will function adequately, but you can expect that the truck will always drift to the right. What about FOX? FOX does not currently offer a stabilizer for this application.

No, you do not have to unload your torsion bar to install the Suspension MAXX steering stabilizer bracket. Our design is patent pending, with a keyed retainer around the lower control arm bolt. Loosen the nut and carefully back out the lower control arm bolt, just enough to slide the bracket into place. Then insert the key into the slotted bracket.  This unique design allows for easy installation without needing a torsion bar unloading tool.  See our installation video: